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Buten-3-yne, C4H4 Organic Gas

CAS NO  689-97-4
UN NO  1065
EINECS NO  211-713-3
Molecular weight  52.07

A gas having a smell similar to acetylene

Melting point  -118 ℃
Boiling point 5℃
Density  0.71g/cm³
DOT Class  2.1
Label flammable Gas


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Vinyl acetylene is an organic compound that is produced by dimerization of pretreated acetylene in the presence of cuprous chloride and ammonium chloride hydrochloric acid solutions.


It is a highly needed industrial alkyne compound, mainly used in the production of neoprene rubber and adhesives such as methanol gum.

Used to prepare divinyl ether and methyl vinyl (methyl) ketone based polymers.