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Electron mixture gas

In the electronic gas family, silane, phosphoane, borane and arsenane are used in large quantities, which are very important raw materials for IC manufacturing.

The electronic industry services a wide variety of electronic gas, a variety of uses, we can provide all kinds of gas mixtures according to customer needs.

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Refers to a gas containing two or more active components, or a non-active component whose content exceeds the specified limit. A mixture of several gases that is commonly used as working medium in engineering. Gas mixtures are usually studied as ideal gases.

Electron gas mixture summary

序号No.Electron gas mixture summary
1二氯硅烷(DCS)5000ppm + N2; 二氯硅烷(DCS) 15ppm + N2 
2二氯硅烷(DCS)10 ppm + 三氯硅烷(TCS)10 ppm + 氦He
3HCl 50ppm + 二氯硅烷(DCS)1000ppm + 平衡He
4硅烷(H4Si)1% + 二氯硅烷(DCS)1% + 三氯硅烷(TCS)1% + 四氯化硅Cl4Si 1% +N2
5硅烷(H4Si)50ppm + 三氯硅烷(TCS)1000ppm + He
6三氯硅烷(TCS) 15ppm + N2
7乙硅烷(Si2H4) 100ppm ~ 200ppm + H2
8乙硅烷 10ppm + He
9CO2 5ppm+硅烷(H4Si)135ppm + 乙硅烷 (Si2H4)1000ppm + He
10SiH4 5ppm~15%+Ar(H2/N2/He)
11H2 5ppm + Ar 5ppm +N2 5ppm +CO 5ppm + 
CH4 5ppm + CO2 5ppm + 硅烷 (H4Si)1000ppm 的平衡He
12乙硼烷(B2H6) 50~100ppm + H2
13砷烷(AsH3) 100ppm~0.7% + H2
14锗烷(GeH4) 1%~10% + H2
15三氯化硼(BCl3)1%~5% + N2(He)
16PH3 0.8ppm ~ 500ppm + He(H2)
17HCl 9ppm~50% + N2
18NF3 99.99% 180g~1500g
19NF3 20ppm~30ppm + Air
20NF3 15ppm + N2
21CF4 80% + O2
22Ar 5ppm~80% + Ne(H2/He/N2)
23Kr 8%~50% + Ar
24Ne 80%~97% + Ar


Also used in semiconductor manufacturing process chemical vapor deposition, crystal growth, thermal oxidation, epitSome of the gases can be directly used as semiconductor sources, such as silicon source, boron source, phosphorus source and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) source.axy, diffusion, polysilicon, tungstate, ion implantation, current carrier, sintering, etc.

In the large-scale integrated circuit (LSI), VLSI (VLSI), semiconductor and electronic device production and processing process, electronic gas is mainly used in gas phase epitaxial growth, chemical vapor deposition, doping (impurity diffusion), etching, ion injection, sputtering, annealing, system pressure, clean purge, suction covering, oxidation and reduction processes.