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Nitrogen, N2 Industrial Gas

CAS No.  7727-37-9
UN No.  1066
EINECS No.  231-783-9
Molecular weight  28.01
Appearance  colourless, odourless
Melting point  -209.86 ℃
Boiling point  -196 ℃
Density  1.25g/L
DOT Class  2.2
Label  Non-toxic and non-flammable Gas


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Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic inert gas, slightly soluble in water, alcohol and ether. The chemical properties of nitrogen are not active, and it is very inert in its normal state. It is not easy to react with other substances. Nitrogen is not flammable. It combines with some particularly reactive metals, such as lithium and magnesium, to form nitrides. It also combines with hydrogen, oxygen and other elements at high temperatures. Slightly soluble in water and most other liquids, it is a poor conductor of heat and electricity.


High purity nitrogen is often used as a protective gas. Grain, canned, fruit and other food, also commonly used nitrogen as a protective gas, to prevent food rot. Filling granary with gas can make grain not mildew, germination, long-term preservation.

In medicine, liquid nitrogen is commonly used as cryogenic agent, and surgery is done under the condition of cryoanesthesia. As refrigerant, it is often used in the surgery of removing spots, bags and beans in the hospital, which is to freeze off spots, bags and beans.

The use of its “lonely” character, we will fill it in the light bulb, can prevent the oxidation of tungsten wire and slow down the volatilization rate of tungsten wire, prolong the service life of the bulb.

Industrial Grade

Oxygen≤3 ppm
Carbon Dioxide≤1 ppm
Carbon Monoxide≤1 ppm
Methane≤1 ppm
Moisture≤3 ppm
Other Grades and Purity Available on Asking
Oxygen≤200 ppb
Carbon Dioxide≤100 ppb
Carbon Monoxide≤200 ppb
Methane≤100 ppb
Moisture≤500 ppb
Other Grades and Purity Available on Asking

Package Information

Cylinder CapacityValveVolumebarpsig
40LQF-26 m31502175
50LQF-210 m32002900
Other Packages Available on Asking