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Pneumatic Emergency Shut-off Valve Series

Valve overview:
The cryogenic pneumatic emergency shut-off valve is designed to quickly cut off the circulating medium on cryogenic storage tanks, tank cars, and skid-mounted pipelines, especially to cut off the medium in time when a failure occurs. It has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, reliable sealing, sensitive action and automatic control
Executive standard:
Design standard: GB/T12224-2015
Sealing performance: GB/T24918-2010
Installation and maintenance matters
When installing the valve, it should be noted that the flow direction of the valve mark should be consistent with the flow direction of the medium
Before installation, make sure that the pipeline is blown clean and the valve is manually opened
After the pipeline installation is completed, open all valves and purge repeatedly to ensure that the pipeline is clean and free of residual impurities
It is recommended to use dry nitrogen or compressed air for pressure tests. It is strictly forbidden to use a low-temperature medium after a hydraulic pressure test
Note: When the emergency shut-off valve is used at the filling port, the flow direction marked on the valve should be opposite to the flow direction of the filling medium.

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Pneumatic Emergency Shut-off Valve Series

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