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Rofin laser gas



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Rofin laser gas is mainly divided into carbon dioxide laser gas, excimer laser gas, ammonia-neon laser gas. The carbon dioxide laser gas is mainly used in laser processing, metal、ceramic cutting welding and drilling and laser surgery for medical and health.

It should be to choose high purity, because the purity of the raw gas will affect the performance of the laser. In particular, the existence of impurities such as oxygen, water and hydrocarbons in the gas will lead to the loss of laser output power on the mirror and electrode, but also cause the instability of laser emission, affecting the service life of the laser.


Mainly used in laser surgery for medical and health.

Mainly used in n laser processing, metal、ceramic cutting welding and drilling.

Industrial Grade

 ComponentConcentrationImpurity requirement
二氧化碳Carbon Dioxide4%水份H2O<2.2 vppm
一氧化碳Carbon Monoxide6%碳氢化合物Hydrocarbons (CnHm) < 0.3 vppm
氧气Oxygen3%氢Hydrogen < 0.4 vppm
氙Xenon3%氪Krypton < 1.6 vppm
氮气Nitrogen19%氩Argon < 2.4 vppm
氦气Helium65% balance氖Neon < 0.4 vppm

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