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Perfluoropropane, C3F8 Electron gas

CAS NO 76-19-7
UN NO 2424
EINECS NO 200-941-9
Molecular weight 188.02
Appearance Colorless, Odorless
Melting point -183 °C
Boiling point -39 °C
Density 1.35
DOT Class  2.2
Label  Non-flammable Gas
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Perfluoropropane is a colorless, non-flammable gas. Slightly soluble in water. Critical temperature 71.9°C; The critical pressure is 25.45atm (latm-101325Pa). It is a low pressure liquefied gas at normal temperature. Chemical properties are not active, good thermal stability. When it is burned with a flammable gas, it decomposes to produce toxic fluoride.


In the microelectronics industry for plasma etching and device surface cleaning.

Used for low temperature refrigeration, medical gas and gas insulation, etc.

Used for foaming of refrigerator and plate polyamine adiabatic material.

Industrial Grade

O2+Ar< 1
Nitrogen< 3
CO< 0.5
CO2< 0.5
CH4< 0.5
OHC< 1
H2O< 1
Total Impurity Concent≤10
Acidity as HF< 0.1
Other Grades and Purity Available on Asking

Package Information

Cylinder CapacityValveN.W
Other Packages Available on Asking