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Oxygen, O2 Industrial Gas

CAS No.  7782-44-7
UN No.  1072
EINECS No.  231-956-9
Molecular weight  32
Appearance  colourless, odourless
Melting point  -218.4 ℃
Boiling point  -183 ℃
Density  1.429g/L
DOT Class  2.2 & 5.1
Label  Non-toxic and non-flammable Gas, Oxidizing Agent


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Oxygen is a colorless and odorless gas, the most common elemental form of oxygen. Insoluble in water, 1L of water dissolves about 30mL oxygen. Oxygen in the air accounts for about 21%, liquid oxygen is sky blue, solid oxygen is blue crystal. At room temperature is not very active, and many substances are not easy to act. But at high temperature, it is very active, and can directly combine with a variety of elements, which is related to the electronegativity of oxygen atoms after fluorine.


Medical oxygen is used as a breathing gas for hospital patients, firefighters and divers.

Oxygen is used in the glass industry, and high-purity oxygen is used in electronics manufacturing.

Used for petroleum extraction and refining, increase the production of oil and gas Wells and esulfurization, etc.

Industrial Grade

Hydrogen≤0.5 ppm
Argon≤2 ppm
Nitrogen≤5 ppm
Carbon Dioxide≤0.5 ppm
THC (as CH4)≤0.5 ppm
Moisture≤2 ppm
Other Grades and Purity Available on Asking

Package Information

Cylinder CapacityValveVolumebarpsig
40LQF-27 m31502175
47LQF-27 m31502175
50LQF-210 m32002900
Other Packages Available on Asking