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Propylene, C3H6 Industrial Gas

CAS No. 115-07-1
UN No. 1077
EINECS No. 204-062-1
Molecular weight 42.08
Appearance colorless, odorless, slightly sweet
Melting point -185℃
Boiling point -47.7℃
Density 1.914kg/m3
DOT Class 2.1
Label Flammable Gas


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Propylene, an organic compound, is a colorless, odorless, slightly sweet gas, flammable, burning will produce bright flame, in the air explosion limit is 2.4% ~ 10.3%; Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether. 


One of basic materials of synthetic materials.

As refrigerant.

Industrial Grade

Methane≤0.1 %
Ethane≤0.1 %
Propane≤0.1 %
Alkane≤1 ppm
Ethylene≤20 ppm
Hexin≤2 ppm
Methyl Acetylene & Allene≤5 ppm
Oxygen≤5 ppm
Carbon Monoxide≤2 ppm
Carbon Dioxide≤5 ppm
Butene & Butadiene≤5 ppm
Sulfur≤1 ppm
Moisture≤10 ppm
Methyl Alcohol≤10 ppm
Other Grades and Purity Available on Asking

Package Information

Cylinder CapacityValveWeight
40LQF-30A15 kgs
926LBXF-1380 kgs
Other Packages Available on Asking