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1,3-Butadiene, C4H6 Industrial Gas

CAS No.  106-99-0
UN No.  1010
EINECS No.  203-450-8
Molecular weight  54.09
Appearance  slightly aromatic, colorless
Melting point  -108.9 ℃
Boiling point  -4.4 ℃
Density  0.62 g/cm³
DOT Class  2.1
Label  Flammable gas


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Methyl Chloride is a colorless flammable toxic gas, belonging to the organic halide.


Raw materials for the manufacture of synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, nylon, etc

Used as intermediate and special fuel in organic synthesis.

Industrial Grade

Total alkyne≤ 20 mg/kg
Vinyl acetylene≤ 5 mg/kg
Bipolymer≤ 1000 mg/kg
Moisture≤ 20 mg/kg
Carbonyl Compound≤ 10 mg/kg
Hyperoxide≤ 5 mg/kg
Gas phase oxygen content≤ 0.2 %
Other Grades and Purity Available on Asking

Package Information

Cylinder CapacityValveWeight
47LCGA 51020 kgs
118LBFW-150 kgs
926LBFW-1440 kgs
ISO tank13 tons
Other Packages Available on Asking