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Brass Handwheel Universal Joint

Suitable for oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, ammonia and other media.
It is ideal for the connection between the high-pressure hose and the cylinder valve and can be rotated in a 360″ direction. It has the advantages of simple and convenient connection, fast and efficient connection, safe and reliable connection, and high sealing performance.
One end of the universal joint is equipped with a connection port that matches the valve port of different types of steel cylinders. The O-ring seal is used to replace the traditional hard contact seal, and the other end is connected to the high-pressure hose.
The universal joint nut is fixed with a 304 stainless steel hexagon socket flat end set screw, which is easy to disassemble and replace the internal O-ring. The 90° elbow adopts a thickened and enlarged elbow to ensure its strength and safety factor under high pressure. This product is 100% pressure tested and degreased!

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Technical Parameters

Working pressure: 300bra
Air inlet thread: 1/4NPT
Air outlet thread: G5/8, CGA350, etc.
Different specifications and models can be customized according to customer needs
Main dimensions: A=105mm B=110mm C=136mm

Material Selection

Main material: high-quality brass (HP59-1)
90° elbow: high-quality brass (HPb59-1)
Extrusion sealing material: FKM, imported PTFE