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Cylinder quick loading clamp (W) series

It is suitable for the internal clamping and sealing connection with compressed gas filling, suitable for oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, ammonia and other media, a new type of fast connection device between steel bottle valve and high pressure hose, one end of the clamp is equipped with a connection port with different types of steel bottle valve, the O-ring sealing form replaces the traditional hard contact seal. The end can be connected with the high pressure hose through a universal joint when clamping, just gently lift the pull ring, the telescopic piston inside the clamp automatically aligns with the valve port, and naturally puts down the pull ring, which can realize the rapid connection between the clamp and the steel cylinder valve. The clamp locks the cylinder valve under the action of gas pressure to prevent loose. Lifting the pull ring can easily unload the quick loading clamp completely replaces the traditional nut type rotary installation, with fast and convenient, labor-saving and efficient characteristics of ergonomic anti-slip pull ring sleeve bottle valve, the card is equipped with a safety pin, with double protection safer
This product 100% pressure test and degreasing treatment!

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Technical Parameters

Applicable temperature:-20°C~70°C
Air intake thread:1/4NPT
Air Inlet screw thread:G5/8、W21.8、CGA350、BS3,
Customized according to customer needs

Material Selection

material:high brass(HPb59-1)
Shell, inner core, pull ring:SS316L
sealing material:FKM,PTEF