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High Pressure Tetrafluoroethylene Filling Hose

Suitable for oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide and other media with three-layer structure design, the inner tube is a four-fluorine hose, the outer layer is a double-layer stainless steel braid net, can withstand ultra-high pressure hose with hard springs at both ends, can effectively protect the tube neck, extend the service life of the hose pipe body with metal anti-swinging rope, to prevent the hose from falling off during the filling process. This product 100% pressure test and degreasing treatment!

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Technical Parameters

Applicable temperature:-40°C~180°C
Performance Testing: Air tightness test,Hydrostatic strength test
Length: Customized according to customer needs
hose coupler type: Customize different type according to customer needs

Material Selection

hose coupler:SS304/Brass(HPb59-1)
Tube Insert:tetrafluoromethane tube
woven net、spring:SS304
Anti-swing rope: Steel wire covered in glue