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Pneumatic Universal Joint

Suitable for oxygen, nitrogen, gas, ammonia and other media. It is ideal for the connection between high-pressure hoses and cylinder valves. It can rotate in double 360″ directions to achieve double universal rotation. It has the advantages of simple and convenient connection, fast and efficient connection, and safe and reliable connection, The benefits of high sealing performance are the first choice for the new flower basket filling system. One end is equipped with a connection port that matches the valve port of different types of steel cylinders. The O-ring seal is used to replace the traditional hard contact seal, and the other end is connected to the high-pressure hose. The universal joint nut is fixed by a 304 stainless steel hexagon socket flat end set screw, which is easy to disassemble and replace the internal O-ring. This product is 100% pressure tested and degreased!

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Technical Parameters

Working pressure: 300bar
Air inlet thread: 1/4NPT
Air outlet thread: G5/8, CGA350, etc.
Different specifications and models can be customized according to customer needs
Main dimensions: A=100mm B=116mm C=85m

Material Selection

Main material: high-quality brass (HPb59-1)
Hand wheel: aluminium alloy (ZL102)
Sealing material: Viton, imported PTFE